Saturday, December 17, 2011

Open Letter to George Soros and Open Society Foundation

Congratulations on finding the talent to continue the work of the Open Society Foundations around the world. I look forward to working with Mr. Stone in the future to end homelessness and greed based capitalism around the world! Let me know when you want to get together to talk further about the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Bank of America Merger and the launch of a national zero interest mortgage campaing to refinance America. Hope you enjoy all the blogs I wrote about "Soros and Me".


Soros and Me:

Alex S. Gabor -
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Since 1991 Alex S. Gabor has been writing articles about politics, economics, ... titled "Soros and Me", the beginnings of a screenplay, and personal anecdotes, ...
Soros: Danger Of Collapse Has Passed - The Ticker ( › Money › The TickerCached
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Apr 7, 2009 – George Soros is on Tech Ticker this week, and has some mildly good news for the ... Google the words Alex S. Gabor + Soros and Me! ...
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Advice By Alex S. Gabor International Investment Bankers and Advisors Recent Advice to Soros Fund Management, George Soros, Feshback Brothers, Church ...
Alex S. Gabor & Associates Advises Soros Fund Management on
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Sep 7, 2010 – Alex S. Gabor is freelance investigative journalist, bank stock analyst, ... My company: Church of Infinitology; My blog: You, Me and the SEC; My book: ... Soros Fund Management is hereby advised to short 100 million shares ...
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SOROS AND ME! Part IV. THE PLOT TO OPEN UP CHINA. BY ALEX S. GABOR. I once publicized an $8 billion dollar bet I publicly made with George Soros and under ...
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and launched preproduction planning for the docudrama "Soros and. Me!", for destroying Malaysia's economy with massive currency speculation. ...
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Soros and
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Feb 16, 2006 – Michael Moore did Roger and Me! So Alex S. Gabor was thinking....why not a documentary about George Soros called "Soros and Me!" ...
The Sky is Falling – Chicken Little Sees Red By: Alex S. Gabor | Best
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Dec 4, 2011 – The Sky is Falling – Chicken Little Sees Red By: Alex S. Gabor ... Soros had put money into the war machine after spewing across the globe that ... seriously planning on developing a documentary film called, “Soros and Me”. ...
myTPM | Alex S Gabor's
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Oct 23, 2006 – By: Alex S. Gabor. This may be my last article on the subject of Soros and Me! After seven articles published independently around the world I ...

Monday, March 7, 2011

On Campus | Columbia News

On Campus | Columbia News

Follow the dots. Connect the dots. Interconnect the dots.

Soros and Me and Obama

Soros Columbia University Obama

Columbia University in the City of New York

Columbia University in the City of New York

Soros and Me and Obama

For more than 20 years the predecessors and precursors to the Infinite Freedom Foundations has been in development.

For more than 20 years I have sought an audience with the richest man in the world, but I have not had a response.

Since 1993 I have sought an audience with the Chairman of Soros Fund Management, George Soros Sr., and though I read that his son, George Soros Jr., is now running the Hungarian Family Business, I still seek an audience.

I have sought this in various ways. I made a public political bet of $8.8 billion with my adopted Uncle Soros and lost when George Bush was re-elected. George Soros has never come looking for me to collect on his debt. What does that tell us about George Soros?

It tells us that he doesn't give a rats ass about winning $8.8 billion in stock of a globally public trading company, even though that would catapult his net worth by more than 50% in one year, because perhaps George Soros already has information that would lead him to believe that he will become the Richest Man in the World, but what he doesn't know is that he already is the richest man in the world in terms of one currency and one currency only, and that is the United States Dollar.

So a man who measures his wealth in dollar terms has given away more than $8.8 billion in his lifetime, but he knows he can actually make trillions by shorting the dollar, shorting the bond markets, shorting the U.S. treasury markets, shorting every stock listed on the NYSE, the Nasdaq, the London Stock Exchange, all the exchanges on the planet, just on a whisper.

For twenty years I have published stories about Soros and Me which is well documented all over the Internet and the World Wide Web if you are intelligent enough to search for the data and research my stories.

Now after publishing the 9th version of Soros and Me the script has been finalized and it is being syndicated to journalists all over the world via email at a rate which doubles every day at which point a million journalists around the globe will have read Alex S. Gabor's Syndicated Stories within thirty days.

I have been told, and shown evidence that a gentle black man by the name of Minister Patterson of Seattle, University of Washington credentials, who agrees with the philosophy of Infinitology, and the concept of Freenomics: The Modern Science of Free Economics, and "50 Ways to Leave Your Landlord", has a direct link access to President Barrack Obama, the leader of the Free World according to the Octodragon. He recently interviewed me at his Blogtalkradio show, Black Plight in America" and a transcript of that is available to anyone who donates $100 to the cause.

How one can claim to be the leader of a free world when her own people are suffering under the collapse of the global economy, and the constant drivel of police shootings, gang warfare, and a skyrocketing death and murder rate in America, is beyond my own infinite intelligence.

Suffice it to say, that if I were the King of the World, the President of the Free World, the Leader of the Capitalist Engine, the Brainchild of the Octodragon itself, I would be following through on deflating the housing market as promised before being funded by George Soros, whose political contributions and actions helped put Obama in office.

What neither Soros or Obama understand is the mechanics of Free Thought, the technology of ThoughtWare, and the power of Infinite Power that is in the hands of the truly free people of the planet.

There is sufficient proof to show that Obama needs help quickly to remain in power as the President. He has not gotten us out of Iraq, instead the military has added to the $1 trillion dollar annual deficit which is causing the national debt to skyrocket at the rate of 20% per annum, without a resultant increase in consumption and production, causing an inflationary policy to take hold in the overall global economy, after the five trillion dollar bloodletting of the mortgage loan fiasco failed to bring about an equilibrium as my Uncle Soros would put it in his book, "The Alchemy of Finance".

Many people in rural America are fearful, especially if they watch what is happening in the big cities of Spokane, Seattle, Portland, Boise, San Francisco, Los Angeles as more and more people lack money, lack employment, lack the ability to keep up with the hidden tax called inflation.

The last time America was seized in the economic throat with such choking severity was during the Carter Administration, a Southerner who tried to tell the world in a roundabout way without getting his head blown off like Kennedy, or his brains spilled all over the International Theatre like Lincoln, that the real problems off economics in America lies in the fact that interest bearing debt is allowed at all to finance the economy. That is why Habitat for Humanity was formed. But HFH is not working fast enough to keep up with the global industrialists, another tentacle of the Octodragon.

There comes a time in life where every man must stand up and be counted in the annals of history. Both Soros have done quite well at that.

There is also a time in history when the masses, those free thinking intellectuals who understand the basic functions of math, economics, brainwashing, mind control, and infinite intelligence, are swayed into new frontiers with new technologies, new discoveries, and new inventions.

We are in a period of time right now where the greatest transfer in the history of global wealth is about to occur. This transfer will transform the planet to its next level. You will see things that people of a thousand years ago will have wondered, were these miracles and wonders of the Infinite?

And a thousand years from now, when the world looks back at these words, they will wonder, how did he know.

How did he know in advance when the banking system would collapse and one tentacle of the Octodragon was lopped off by the masses refusing to incur further debt, refusing to spend a penny more than necessary, refusing to keep feeding the Octodragon.

How did he know that the world's first trillionaires would be created out of the thin fabric of zeros and ones and how dependent the world had become on the power of electric current to fuel the blood of industry.

How did he know the International Media, another tentacle of the Octodragon, would collapse under the weight of infinite intelligence flow to the infinite cells of every human body on the planet?

How did he know the military, another tentacle of the Octodragon, would suffer such a huge defeat at a swarm of mad men who live with troubled minds in the hottest spots on the planet, driving the U.S. Military out of Afghanistan, Iraq, Eqypt, Libya, North Africa, and as a result inflation would reach 20% before the next election forcing the Federal Reserve to push rates as high as 20-25% in order to avoid a collapse of the dollar, the defaulting on the national debt, and a total collapse of the rest of the Octodragon.

Like most organisms the Octodragon will attempt to survive, but it cannot unless it changes its current policy, and Soros perhaps is not as rich as he should be, but if he were to become the richest man in the world he would need enough capital behind him to do just that. Short every market on the planet simultaneously, and anyone who had such a technological wonder which could produce such an effect would indeed be richer than those he made rich by the sharing of it.

Imagine a technology so powerful that you only needed to short 5% of the paper on the planet, and the rest would follow suit until emergency measures were put in place.

This has now become a threat to not just the security of America and Americans, but in the interests of global peace and cooperation, it is necessary to take some emergency measures like the Ancient Romans had to undertake in order to save it from collapse due to the expansion of long diluted Christian beliefs.

One of these emergency measures is for the Obama administration to consolidate the functions of the US Mortgage market under the heading, Infinite Freedom Foundations of America, to be run by an International Board of Directors chosen from every country of the world.

One of the requirements of these people who would serve on the board of this new organization that took on the duties of Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae and the Department of Housing and Urban Development would be that they were clear of the fourth dynamic engram, namely a clouded occlusion on the logic of free economics. Thus they would be required to be graduates of the University of Freenomics.

Now you won't read about engrams in any of Obama or Soros' propaganda because they are not trained in the social sciences. They are trained in political science and financial science. Both these sciences have collapsed into themselves and are falling over each other for international attention at all times over the Internet, through the media, in the failing newspaper industry, because people are tired of cutting down trees and losing their free and clean oxygen.

An engram is known in scientific circles as a memory trace on a cell. When pain occurs to a cell, the cell wants to protect itself so it builds in memory of pain. On a group level, a group engram is when any group suffers from an injustice, resulting in death, fear of death, loss or destruction as in riots, or the aftermath of negligence during a national emergency.

A dynamic is an urge to survive. There is the urge to survive as oneself. This is you and me as individuals finding our daily bread, our daily meal, or if you live in the fat cities of America, three meals a day.

If those who ate three meals a day would stop eating for one day and just have a snack and drink lots of water, water prices would go up, and food prices would come down, just for that day. It is that simple of an economic demonstration of the power of the people. Ghandi knew this. J.P. Morgan and Rockefeller knew this. Joseph Kennedy knew this. Roosevelt knew this. Even Hitler knew this.

Now you have food prices skyrocketing all over the planet, and revolutionary riots popping up all over, and this is known as a group engram. It is a reaction to prior such lifetimes perhaps eons ago when the threat of survival (forget survival of the fittest, it's survival period.) would cause us to react much in the same way as if someone forced you to put your hand on a hot stove. On the first dynamic level you revolt and pull back.

The same holds true on the third dynamic which is the urge to survive on the level of a group or series of groups. This is why social networking appears to be the latest fad. It is almost as if the mind controllers of the masses of minds out there on the internet want you to believe that being part of a group is going to help your survival, but the more time you are fixated on the television, the internet, and new technology, the more you are going to lose your social skills of communicating to the person right in front of you and you will wind up not surviving the coming changes.

The fourth dynamic is the urge to survive as humanity as a whole. There is not one of us who does not really, deep down inside, want all of us to flourish and prosper. Not just a few of us, but all humanity can flourish and prosper with the knowledge of Freenomics: The Modern Science of Free Economics.

It is amazing that one would have to sell such a technological innovation as Freenomics to any government. Watch what happens as we apply Freenomics to the problems of a small city known as Soap Lake, Washington, a County called Grant, a State called Washington and a Country called North America and how we all audit out the fourth dynamic engram!